Call for Business Liability Protections



The United States Chamber of Commerce is asking Congress to include liability protections for businesses against unwarranted lawsuits related to COVID that threaten their ability to operate and the economy’s ability to recover. The request asks Congress to pass timely, temporary, and targeted liability relief that will provide employers, healthcare providers, non-profits, and educational institutions a safe harbor from these types of lawsuits when they make good-faith efforts to follow applicable public health guidelines.

This is a critical issue for a wide range of employers from distillers who switched to producing hand sanitizers, to manufacturers that transformed their operations to construct personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators, to front line medical professionals treating the afflicted, to pharmaceutical companies that are expediting research into cures, to essential businesses that remained open, to colleges that are returning to school this Fall, to businesses that are just now reopening and seeing customers for the first time in months.


A safe-harbor will ensure that bad actors can be held accountable while simultaneously protecting those entities who are working to follow public health guidance. Specifically, the Chamber calls on Congress to put in place temporary protections for the duration of the pandemic crisis and response that cover:

Businesses and other entities that work to follow government guidelines against COVID-19 exposure claims.

Healthcare providers and facilities on the front lines of the COVID-19 response.

Manufacturers that repurposed production and distribution to provide PPE, sanitizers, and other needed countermeasures.


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