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Camp Gladiator

9185 Research Blvd. 

Austin, TX 78758


CG is a four-week fitness program where every workout is different. Each "Camp" is a 60 minute, full-body workout incorporating both cardio and strength exercises. We are a life-changing fitness movement dedicated to transforming lives through dynamic, fun and challenging workouts led by amazing Trainers who inspire you to discover your best self. Camp Gladiator started because the fitness industry was missing something. We designed a fun and challenging workout community dedicated to changing lives! What began in a parking lot in Dallas, TX with 40 Campers has multiplied to over 3,500 locations across the nation. We focus on group fitness because we believe we are all Better Together.

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Hayden Knopp Fitness

1202 W. Austin, Suite 200

Fredericksburg, TX 78624



Hayden Knopp Fitness is a personal training studio for private and semi-private clientele. My strength and conditioning programs are designed to improve all parameters of health and fitness from body composition and mobility to strength and endurance. I emphasize proper technique as I guide my clients through a consistently varied regimen using a wide range of fun and unique equipment. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance or just looking to shed body fat and feel more confident, I have the experience and education to help you realize your fitness goals.

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