Arthur Bell

Bill and Charlotte Baker

Bill Petmecky

Camille Stauffer

Cynthia Scroggins

Crawford L. & Phyllis Guthrie

Dotty Duecker

Guenther Ottmers

J. and Diana Perry

James "Happy" Feller

Janie Atwell

Jim Thomas

Joanne K. Martin

Johnny Odom

Kathryn Harrison

Kevin and Harriett Moore Pickard

Kitty Sebera

Larry J. Stanley

Martha A. Walton

Michelle and Mike Weberpal

Peter (Pete) Delforge

Reg L. Gartner

Sheila Foust

Steve & Becky Watson

Wayne Harrell

The Mission of the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce is to promote a positive growing business community.

306 E. Austin Street Fredericksburg, TX 78624