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Preschool Director 5.03.24

Bethany Lutheran Church, 110 West Austin Street, Fredericksburg, TX, USA

Job Description

The Preschool Director is responsible for the effective daily management and operations of the preschool, facilitating positive relationships among Preschool staff, parents, and the Church Congregation while providing a nurturing, Christian educational environment that is aligned with the most effective developmentally appropriate learning practices. The Preschool Director is responsible for operational compliance, communications, marketing, general school administration, fundraising, as well as staff selection, development, and management. The Preschool Director should understand and comply with the preschool’s policies, Texas State Licensing, as well as local, state, and federal laws and regulations. This position requires strong supervisory, leadership, and communication skills along with a warm and nurturing disposition. The Preschool Director oversees all age groups (18 months – 12 years).
Reports to: BPS Board Supervises: BPS Staff, Students, and Volunteers Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Operations and Preschool Compliance

• Administer daily operation of the center in compliance with Bethany and state minimum standards to ensure that children are provided a healthy environment with opportunities to develop stable and caring relationships, as well as to foster cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth • Plan and implement health and safety procedures including universal health precautions, emergency procedures, and facility and equipment safety • Administer daily operations of staff to ensure compliance with Bethany and State minimum standards • Texas Rising Star (TRS)- Maintain compliance with TRS Expectations, trainings, mentor meetings and funding received


• Oversee policies of admission, attendance, tuition, and educational goals for children as specified by the Preschool Board • Create and manage staff scheduling including after hour call-ins • Maintain accurate child and employee records as mandated by the State • Management of personnel, including dismissal and hiring, reporting to Preschool Board of decisions • Maintain an orderly and clean facility-including scheduling annual inspections (fire, gas, and environmental safety), shampooing carpets every 3 months, scheduling annual floor waxing, and all other janitorial duties as required • Manage basic medical needs of children following the Texas Minimum Standard expectations for care including illnesses, following allergy actions plans, giving medications, and monitoring medication expiration dates/dosages


• Communicate with office manager regarding program budget and funding availability • Assist Office Manager in working with families who have delinquent payments • Provide support for preschool fundraisers: Fajita Dinner, Special Offering, Texas Made Texas Raised

Program Development

• Maintain, develop, or modify curriculum to meet the needs of children enrolled in the Preschool • Remain current with developments in the field of Early Childhood Development • Maintain a Christian environment for children, staff, and parents • Develop long term plans to facilitate the growth of the preschool • In conjunction with the Preschool Board, review and maintain current written guidelines and policies of admission, attendance, tuition, educational goals including curriculum, and all other policies, procedures, and rules pertaining to the operation of the Preschool • Review and update handbooks at least annually


• Works with Board to choose a Christian based curriculum that is appropriate and beneficial • Works with staff to develop, implement and maintain developmentally appropriate curriculum in each age group. Overall accountability for Preschool and curriculum design and execution • Assists teachers identifying special needs of individual children and perform observations as necessary • Provides communication and recommendations to parents to resources including but not limited to Early Childhood Identification, Occupational and Speech Therapists, etc. • Works with staff and administrative team to plan special events and field trips

Staff Supervision/Employee Relations

• Oversee and assist Preschool staff in administering, planning, and evaluating activities and lesson plans that promote developmentally appropriate learning • Responsible for hiring and orientation of all caregivers, and assistant administration staff • Plan, organize, coordinate, and promote professional development, training, and staff meetings • Regularly monitor staff performance and provide coaching or mentoring for performance improvement and development • Conduct formal evaluations of caregivers and assistant administration staff after 90 days and annually • Act as substitute as needed


• Oversees communications for preschool including calendars, flyers, school closures, newsletters, curriculum, child development, and staff communications regarding operations • Develop a strong rapport with Parents by being a “seen presence” in the school and being an effective communicator of changes or issues as they arise • Develop a strong rapport with the Preschool Board, Pastors, and Church staff by attending planned meetings and presenting monthly board reports • Communicate effectively with Church Congregation through written monthly newsletter and annual report as well as, periodically act as a representative of the preschool in person at church functions in order to promote understanding and support of the Preschool’s ministry. Encourage feedback regarding Preschool programs and activities


• Develop marketing materials including but not limited to flyers, pamphlets, social media posts, special events, and fundraising materials • Develop new, innovative ideas to grow programs • Be a representative of the Preschool in the community, build new relationships with community and business leaders • Lead tours for prospective parents highlighting key features of our center and maintaining a strong connection with potential customers

Qualifications and Skills

• A practicing Christian with a commitment to Christ and His church • Education: meet State of Texas licensing requirements for education and experience • Bachelor’s degree in qualifying field with previous Director or Assistant Director experience preferred • Must be professional, friendly, inviting, self-motivated, loving, even tempered, and adaptable fostering a positive, nurturing environment for staff, students, and families • Knowledge of early childhood development and appropriate practices • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Strong organizational skills • Basic computer skills and familiarity with word processing, spreadsheets, graphic design software, and Procare software

Job Classification and Compensation

• Full Time – minimum 40 hours • Be available/on-call on evenings and weekends as needed for time sensitive issues that arise for staff or families • Salary, based on experience • Probation Period – Employee evaluation after 90 days, 12 months, annually thereafter. Evaluation to be completed Human Resource Committee • Benefits in compliance with BPS Employee Handbook (approved 10/2020)

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