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Driver Foreman/Mover

8/31/23-Affordable Movers of the Hill Country, Ltd. Fredericksburg, TX

Job Description

We are looking for a NON CDL driver/foreman to facilitate in day to day activities with our moving services.

-Pass a background check
-Pass a FMCSA medical exam and drug test, paid for by company
-Be able to lift 80 pounds
-Excellent customer service
-Ability to manage a crew and provide guidance during service appointments
-Have a working cell phone (required to operate their daily Hours of Service log)
-Some technology skill is needed to operate driving logs and contract software requirements
-Driving experience with a pickup and trailer is preferred as we operate under 26,000 lbs
-Knowledge of FMCSA HOS and Safety rules preferred, but not required.
-Must be able to travel for overnight moves and Interstate services

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