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Medical Assistant

11/1/23-Frontera Healthcare Network Fredericksburg, TX

Job Description

Job Summary
The Medical Assistant in an integral part of the healthcare team. The MA assists the healthcare team in a professional manner in the community health center setting. Responsibilities include administering quality care, immunizations, and health education to patients of all ages in trained areas of competencies; assisting in the lab and pharmacy as appropriate; working with all healthcare personnel to ensure an efficient and safe environment of care. Willingness to train interested candidates.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Medical Assistance performs the following duties as assigned:

Provides Administrative Services
• Answering phones and responding to email, fax, and phone inquiries as instructed
• Utilizing technical computer skills during daily tasks
• ICD-10/CPT Medical Coding
• Insurance referral and verification
• Maintaining and keeping records organized
• Scheduling appointments

Clinical Services
• Vital signs
• Vision screening
• Positioning and draping patients
• Patient medical history
• Administrating medicine correctly and timely
• Asepsis and infection control
• Assist physician during exams
• Injections
• First Aid
• Exam tray preparations
• EKG’s
• Bio-hazard/waste and OSHA regulation
• Autoclaving
• Hot/cold packs
• Inventory control.
• Phlebotomy.
• Sterile Techniques.
• Therapeutic Care.
• Administering vaccines via TVFC program

• Collecting, preparing, and transporting specimens.
• Hematology tests.
• Preforming diagnostic tests such as:
• Urinalysis
• Pregnancy screenings
• Rapid strep, flu and RSV tests

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