Medication Tech and/or Personal Care Assistant

8/25/22-Celestecare of Fredericksburg, TX

Job Description

1. Follow established performance standards and perform duties in accordance with all delegated nursing service policies and procedures to provide Medication Assistance and Direct Care to Residents
2. Assist residents in ordering, administering and supervising of all medications in accordance with delegation requirements of community Registered Nurse and policy and procedures of the community.
2. Assist new employees in following established facility policies and procedures in order to provide direct resident care. Provide orientation to the facility and its residents and complete orientation checklist for new employee.
3. Assist residents with activities of daily living (dressing, grooming, toileting, bathing, etc.) as documented in the residents’ service plans. Assure residents have call lights at hand and answer call lights promptly.
4. Conduct resident rounds as assigned. Completes and document assignments timely, completely and accurately. Counts all narcotics with oncoming shift and ensures all orders needed for medications have been completed prior to end of shift.
5. Identify safety hazards and emergency situations,and initiate corrective action. Reacts calmly in emergency situations and follows appropriate procedures by notifying a supervisor, services required for care, and gathering appropriate resident documents for healthcare personnel.
6. Documents in shift communication book and ADL book according to policy. Document incidents and/or unusual problems according to established facility procedures. Ensuring all incidents have been entered into database prior to end of shift.
7. Participate in the development of an individualized service plan of assigned residents. Review care plans and perform nursing care as outlined.
8. Maintains clean comfortable, safe environment for residents, staff, and visitors including housekeeping duties as assigned.
9. Identify resident problems and concerns and report them immediately to a supervisor. Listen to resident and family complaints, initiate corrective action and report problems to a supervisor.
10. Assists in activity programming as assigned.
11. Demonstrates knowledge of infection control by proper handling of equipment, soiled linen, urinals, bedpans, and adequate hand washing.
12. Provides laundry and housekeeping service to residents as assigned. Perform cleaning and waste disposal procedures in accordance with facility and infection control policies.
13. Assure residents are given adequate assistance with meals, nourishment and transportation to meal service area(s).
14. Consistently work cooperatively with residents, charge nurses, treatment nurses, restorative nurses, other nursing assistants, physicians, families, consultant personnel and ancillary service providers.
15. Observe all facility policies and procedures.
16. Come to work in a clean, neat uniform and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.
17. Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.
18. Service:
• Responds to managers’ and customers’ needs promptly and positively
• Addresses complaints quickly, solves problems, and reports concerns that cannot be resolved promptly
19. Communication:
• Listens attentively and
• Communicates effectively
• Never says “I’m too busy” but asks “What else can I do”
20. Professionalism:
• Readily accepts constructive criticism
• Eager to learn or change for the good of the organization
21. Teamwork:
• Team player with a commitment to making things better for the facility and residents
• Treats others with respect
• Demonstrates good work relationships with other departments

Apply on Indeed or in person at Celestecare 2230 N. Llano