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Staff Registered Nurse

11/1/23-Frontera Healthcare Network Fredericksburg, TX

Job Description

Job Summary
The Staff Nurse is an integral part of the health care team. The Staff Nurse assists the healthcare team in a professional manner in the community health center setting. Responsibilities include administering quality nursing care, immunization, and health education to patients of all ages in accordance with established nursing standards; assisting in the lab and pharmacy as appropriate; working with all health center personnel to ensure and efficient and safe environment of care.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Staff Nurse performs the following duties as assigned.
1. Provides clinical services.
a. Maintains clinical expertise and competency (to include age specific competency) as well as demonstrated thorough knowledge of procedures to deliver quality primary healthcare.
b. Documents delivery of healthcare and nursing process in accordance with the Center’s policies and procedures in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner.
c. Educates the patient and family / significant others about diagnosis and the plan of care. Acts as a resource for facilitating communication when necessary.
d. Coordinates the delivery of patient care provided by the healthcare team.
e. Is familiar with PCHM standards and works as part of the medical team to provide patient centered care.
f. Interacts with health center personnel and assists providers to ensure optimal patient care and to obtain optimum patient flow and increased patient satisfaction.
g. Identifies and responds promptly to changes in patient’s condition and / or clinic environment.
h. Coordinates and delegates the timely processing of patient referrals, prescribed medications, and other identified needs of the patient.
i. Acts as a resource within the clinic to other staff members in regards to patient care.
j. Participates as a team member and promotes teamwork by assisting others with patient care and department activities.
k. Maintains adequate inventory of medical forms, supplies, in-house medications, STD medications and immunizations and completes monthly inventory reports as required.
l. Performs maintenance and controls on medical equipment and documents results.
m. Administers all medications accurately using the five (5) rights of medication administration, documenting medications according to the health center policy and procedures.
n. Upon completion of laboratory skill assessment, performs all laboratory functions according to provider orders.
2. Provides clinical oversight under the supervision of the Nursing Supervisor.
a. Assumes responsibility / accountability for delegating, directing, and supervising patient care activities.
b. Identifies Performance Improvement opportunities.
c. Serves as a resource and positive, proactive leader for the department.
d. Accepts responsibility for remaining current with nursing and healthcare trends and information that impact nursing practice.
e. Participates in collaboration with the healthcare team in identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing patient and family needs to develop a plan of care.
f. Participates in the evaluation of products, procedures, and patient care standards.
g. Participates in the evaluation of healthcare at the Center and in monitoring health outcomes of patients.
3. Fulfills administrative duties.
a. Assists in maintaining an efficient, safe, secure, orderly, and aseptic environment of care for all patients and employees.
b. Is familiar with and abides by OSHA Standards, Hazardous Materials, and Universal Precautions, use of personal protective equipment, Evacuation, fire, Disaster, and Safety Plans.
c. If bilingual, translates in Spanish between non-Spanish speaking staff and
Spanish speaking patients as requested.
4. Performs all other duties as assigned.

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