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Did you know a haven for endangered species is located just 15 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg? 

Longneck Manor is dedicated to the preservation and well-being of giraffes and rhinos, offering them a secure haven where they can thrive and flourish. Through meticulous management and conservation efforts, Longneck Manor fulfills a crucial role in conservation awareness, ensuring the survival of these endangered species for generations to come. Owner and Director, Rick Barongi, retired from a 50-year career as a zoologist, built Longneck Manor as a living legacy to animal conservation.  

A 75-minute tour provides guests with close encounters and photo opportunities with resident giraffes and rhinos. Led by an animal care specialist, participants will have the chance to safely feed these magnificent creatures their favorite treats, gain insight into the challenges facing these animals in the wild and discover ways to contribute to conservation efforts. The fun experience ends with a brief tour of the indoor facilities and a glimpse into their history. 

For those seeking the ultimate vacation experience, Longneck Manor offers the Giraffe Suite and 4 private villas. The Giraffe Suite is located in Longneck Manor’s Giraffe Barn overlooking the giraffe stall through picture windows. Experience nose to nose close encounters with giraffes while enjoying climate-controlled comfort in your suite. The Villas, each with panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows, offer breathtaking views of giraffe and rhino pastures, providing guests ample opportunities for intimate animal encounters. Additionally, private decks allow guests to observe wildlife congregating at the African waterhole, creating unforgettable moments in harmony with nature. 

For information on tour reservations, lodging and conservation mission donation information: 

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