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Assistant/Activities Coordinator 7.10.24

Woodland Cottages Fredericksburg Senior Living, Friendship Lane, Fredericksburg, TX, USA

Job Description

OSITION: Part-Time Assistant to the Community Director/Activity Coordinator
REPORTS TO: Community Director

The purpose of this job description is to communicate the responsibilities and duties associated with the position of Part-Time Assistant/Activity Coordinator. The following information is considered general and it should be noted that responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed.

Our company emphasizes a collaborative approach and expects every person to perform any reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives. It is important that you review these duties, skills, and requirements closely and that you acknowledge that you can perform all the duties, have the skills and possess the physical abilities that are necessary to perform the job as described.

Job Description:

This position will be responsible for providing assistance to the Community Director, planning and coordinating activities and events for residents, as well as fostering a strong sense of connection within the community. Additionally, this person will also be the main point of contact for resident concerns, ensuring that their needs and issues are handled in a timely and professional manner. Below are general key responsibilities and qualifications, as well as a timeline for expected duties.

General Responsibilities & Guidelines:

• Provide assistance to the Community Director and complete tasks as assigned
• Plan, develop, organize, implement, evaluate, and direct the activity program
• Engage with residents to find common interests and include a wide variety of monthly activities
• Construct monthly calendars using a calendar software or template
• Coordinate all logistics for events including picking up supplies and food, as well as scheduling and following up with entertainers and vendors
• Set up and clean up for each event including setting up tables and chairs and moving furnishings as needed, as well as wiping down tables and chairs
• Develop and maintain positive relationships with vendors, local schools, churches and other senior communities to foster volunteers and sponsorships opportunities
• Give tours to prospects in the absence of the Community Director, or assist with tours as requested
• Answer and manage office phone calls
• Manage activities budget and monitor expenditures
• Coordinate repair requests for residents
• Change lightbulbs and other simple maintenance tasks, as requested
• Personal use of cell phones, including headphones, ear buds, etc., limited to urgent/emergency situations only
• Must be punctual and work assigned hours (i.e., arrive on time; leave on time)
• Maintain professional appearance and dress appropriately

Timeline/Frequency of Duties

Below are things that need to be done on a regular basis. Although these are suggested timelines, anything on this list that needs attention can/should be done more frequently, if necessary.


• Tidy clubhouse, including sweeping, mopping up spills, keeping sink clean of dirty dishes
• Check bathrooms for cleanliness; restock supplies, if necessary
• Set up for and clean up after EC sponsored activities/events, including wiping down tables and chairs
• Reset tables to original position (if moved)
• Make sure front door glass is clean
• Make sure porch area is free of debris (trash, leaves, etc.)
• Maintain storage areas keeping them organized and tidy (including craft supply areas) and ensure door is locked when not in use.
• Field incoming traffic (residents, marketers, prospects, etc.)

• Gather trash from clubhouse, including bathrooms, and pull cart to street
• Water plants
• Plan for following week’s activities/events to ensure we have necessary supplies; purchase and pick up, if needed
• Pick up catered lunches from local restaurants, if applicable

• Create monthly calendar of activities by deadline set by Community Director and have ready for printing by 25th of the month prior
• Pick up catered community lunches, if applicable


The position requires consumer relations experience and appropriate experience and expertise in computer skills including: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Working Environment

Indoors and outdoors - all conditions.

Intellectual Capacity

HIGH. Must be able to apply principles of critical thinking to evaluate appropriate courses of action. Must effectively convey ideas and goals to a diverse group of personalities.

CONTACT: Please send resumes to:

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