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Payroll services, HR solutions, retirement services and insurance for startups, established and every type of business in between, with service that's just as flexible - when and how you need it.

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H&R Block is the world's largest tax preparation business, preparing 1 in every 7 tax returns; Delivers customized tax advice for more than 400 occupations; Files 1 in every 4 Earned Income Tax Credits; Has helped clients obtain nearly $30 billion in tax refunds, credits and other government benefits. H&R Block has remained committed to the factors that led to its success: superior customer service, a pledge to stand behind our work and a commitment to serving clients where they prefer to be reached - in a retail office, online, using software or a combination of methods. H&R Block is dedicated to being the most trusted, state-of-the-art tax preparation firm at the best value.